SlaveFree’s Certification process utilizes the blockchain to record and track slave-based activities in order to provide metrics and accountability long-term that is visible to all ensuring accountability.

SlaveFree® is the LEEDS Certification for any organization seeking to prove that their operations and supply chains are SlaveFree® , and to brand themselves accordingly to all stakeholders.  SlaveFree® Certification is 3rd party validation that the company’s supply chain and operation is SlaveFree®.

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Any business seeking certification should understand the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What are the benefits to certification?

Provides business standard certification

Demonstrates commitment to SlaveFree™

Access to training resources

Creates a competitive advantage for organizations

Drives consistency, competence and control

Provides accountability for aims and objectives

Listing in the SlaveFree™ Directory

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Participation in community program

SlaveFree® Program

Introducing the first ever supply chain certification program for a company and all of its vendors.   SlaveFree® will certify each vendor in a companies supply chain.

Annual Cost and Pricing

SlaveFree® Annual Certification

SlaveFree® Annual Certification

$1,500 Per Year

$1.50 Per Month Per Employee



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